Valentine’s Day gift idea

May we suggest our:
For a small amount each month you can make sure there’s always somewhere safe and warm for greyhounds to call home while they wait to find a family.
You can sponsor a kennel for 3 months (£15), 6 months (£30) or 12 months (£60). We have kennel numbers 1 to 10 to choose from with details of who is occupying your sponsored kennel (please note however that this will change as the dogs are homed). Your sponsorship money will ensure support for veterinary care, food, bedding, rehabilitation, enrichment care and grooming for our kennel guests.
You will receive a certificate showing details of your sponsorship which can be personalised for someone special or as a gift to celebrate a special occasion. Kennel sponsorships can also be a memorial for a loved one or pet.
Full details on our website or on this link:
photo credit Jo Maxwell, volunteer Alexis with BAILEY
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