Last July lovely black girl NINA was our dog of the month. Now a year on we’ve an update to share with you.
Makants volunteers Angela and Ian met Nina last summer and here they tell us of Nina’s homing journey:
‘When we met Nina we were blown away by her exuberance and her bouncy joyfulness! We started to gradually introduce her to our other adopted Makants hound Jojo in August and by September she had come to live with us permanently.😁
Nina is such a joyful soul from sun up to sundown. She’s perennially nosy, always looking in shopping bags and gazing out of the window to see who’s walking past, she’s our very own neighbourhood watch. She’s also partial to a bit of ‘garden design’ too!
Nina and Jojo get on well apart from the occasional grumble and Nina brings out the playfulness in Jojo. We are so happy she came to join our family’.

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