Hi all, it’s TY here. Well me and my kennel friends had a bit of an adventure on Sunday as we went on a big walk with lots of other greyhounds.
It was a busy day for us all, but I really think the catering facilities could have been improved, I mean just look at the dish I was given to drink out of! Also my friend NELSON was a little embarrassing. He was trying to copy my moves and had a roll in the hedge and ended up holding the whole walk up!
My friend KODY told me he was a little scared in the car on the way there but he loved the walk and meeting all the hounds.
I know HUGO loves to work the camera so he loved having his photo taken in the Mining Museum house. ERIN loved the car journey and everything about the day! I haven’t had a chance to talk to all my kennel friends who were there but I hear they were well behaved.
That’s enough excitement for now, I hear it’s going to get a bit hot this week so we’re going to take it easy.
Love and licks, TY 🐾 xx

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