Foster hound ESK says ‘be sure to take a look at our facebook page for video evidence of the challenges we have been undertaking today!’

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part and to all who have donated, thank you so much for supporting your local greyhound rescue.

This is just one of the challenges undertaken today to raise money for the rescue.


Siobhan's husband GEOFF took part in the TWOPOINTSIX challenge today too! The challenge was for Siobhan to shave his hair off in 26 seconds – and we think Siobhan enjoyed every one of those seconds!Thanks for being a great sport Geoff helping us raise money for the rescue.If you'd like to support our TWO POINT SIX challenges please do so via PayPal using the ‘donate’ button on our website www.makants.uk or use this link and mark your donation 'twopointsix challenge'. Thank you!https://makants.uk/donate/****More fundraising videos to follow****- #twopointsixchallengePlay

Posted by Makants Greyhound Rescue NW on Sunday, 26 April 2020


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