During ‘lockdown’ we kept the number of hounds to a minimum and will continue to do so for several reasons. One being we have to be mindful of the new increased lockdown restrictions, and if Siobhan needs to look after the hounds herself once more, the number of dogs needs to be kept to a minimum. For this reason the bottom kennels will also remain closed for the foreseeable future.
Atherton vets have kindly been able to continue to neuter/spay our hounds, although on a much reduced basis. We are very grateful for their support in order that we are able to continue the rehoming process.
Rehoming has recommenced and, as you can imagine, over five months we have amassed a large backlog of applications. We welcome applications for our hounds but also respectfully ask that you bear with us as there will inevitably be delays in responding to you. Home checks are now being undertaken on a socially distant basis – and of course this is also weather dependant!
Siobhan is caring for the hounds at kennels with the help of a small group of established and highly experienced volunteers. We understand our walking volunteers are keen to start helping us again but KENNELS MUST REMAIN CLOSED to all visitors and volunteers at this time. (The only exceptions to this will be those invited to come along as part of the homing process).
Our kennels shop has re-opened and is open every Saturday morning ONLY from 10 am to 12.30 pm at the kennels site – Mort Lane, Tyldesley M29 8PF.
Our bedding stores remain completely full and unfortunately we are not able to take any donations at all.
Thank you for your support as always.

Makants Greyhound Rescue is based at:

Makants Farm, Mort Lane, Tyldesley, M29 8PF

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