*Stunning four year old foster girl EVE is our Valentine feature today*

You may remember Eve who came into our care last August. She had sustained an injury while racing and, in order to recuperate, it was felt a home placement was the ideal place for her. She went into foster care in October last year with Anna Marie and Chris and their two sighthounds.

Eve settled in the house from day one and was always able to let her carers know when she needed to be let out, being clean in the house day and night. Eve also soon found the toybox and it seems absolutely loves soft toys – especially if they squeak or honk! She loves pushing her nose into the toybox to find just the right one and takes them to bed with her too.

Her foster carers tell us that Eve is ‘very affectionate and loves being stroked especially under her neck when she will stand and lay her head on you. She adores cuddles and tummy rubs, in fact all Eve wants to do is please you.’

Eve walks well on the lead but does get excited when she sees another dog especially if it’s a smaller breed. She is very inquisitive about them and so far, due to the current restrictions, ,  her foster carers haven’t been able to socialise her with small breeds. However, they feel that, with the right introductions she could  make good progress with her behaviour.

Her foster carers sum Eve up by saying ‘There is not a day that has gone by when Eve hasn’t made us smile and laugh. Somebody is going to be very lucky to have this little lovebug in their life.’

Please note our homing is very restricted at present, more details of our homing criteria can be found on our website.


photo credit Chris Farrow


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