SKYE is homed!

We’ve some lovely news to share with you today, SKYE is homed!
SKYE (was Teresa) came back into our care (through no fault of her own) last month and went straight into a local foster home. You know where this is heading now….and of course we have some failed foster carers on our hands! SKYE will live with Jo and Ian, and will have hounds ROO and NEIL for company too. We should mention at this point that they are failed foster carers a second time as Makants hound NEIL was initially in foster with them!
Jo and Ian tell us that SKYE ‘fitted in so well into the pack, in fact she ‘bulldozed’ her way in and is certainly ruling the roost. She also loves to collect shoes, is a real sun worshipper as well as loving her food’.
We send the whole family every happiness for the future.
(SKYE is on left in the photo)
photo credit Jo Maxwell


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