On Saturday morning the kennel hounds took part in a ‘sausage bobbing’ activity. The sausages had kindly been paid for by members of the recent Makants auction and we send our thanks to all of you who donated.
We agreed that the ‘King of Sausage Bobbing’ title went to ALFIE who wasn’t at all afraid to get stuck in! The majority of the hounds were a little more reluctant with some deciding they would rather be hand fed or one particular hound (Queenie) deciding just to roll on the grass instead!
However they approached the bobbing we made sure they all had their fair share of sausages which they very much enjoyed. Even though sausage bobbing clearly wasn’t for him, long stay hound Patrick certainly enjoyed his sausages. More photos of this event can be seen on our facebook page.
Photo credit: Celine Tang

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