Robbie update

Thanks to Kevin for this update on much loved long stay kennel hound Robbie who found his forever home with Kevin last year.
Kevin says: ‘Robbie’s doing great. At home he’s perfect – the whole house is his – settees, floors, beds, everywhere! He can be left whilst I’m out dog walking and all he does is sleep and rearrange cushions, shoes, etc. After spending weeks trying to coax him to go upstairs (got to the 5th step using treats and no further) he decided to go up himself one morning after coming in from a walk and now he’s up there every chance he gets!
He’s doing great on walks, less and less reactive to the dogs he sees (still has the odd shout here and there!). To me, he’s just the perfect lad – still working to help him with his reactivity, but we’ve got plenty of time ahead of us to do that and he’s doing so well already – slowly and steadily.
He’s a cracker! 😉
Thanks Kevin, so lovely to hear what great progress Robbie is making and also to hear how he is enjoying his new life.

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