RAVEN – a year in his forever home

We’ve a lovely account to share with you today, sent in by Col Stephan who adopted Raven this time last year. Raven had been in our care for just over a year patiently waiting for the right person to come along.

This is Col’s account of the last year:

‘Raven was rescued by Siobhan in September 2017 but due to his reactive nature he wasn’t the easiest hound to find a home for. He reacted quite vigorously when confronted by other dogs but really, behind all the bluster, he’s a lovely soft lad who became a big hit and all round favourite with staff and volunteers alike at Makants – myself included of course. Looking back it must have been frustrating for Raven to see all the other hounds finding their forever home. He was of course, in the very best hands at Makants. We must of course mention our great friend Joe, who loved Raven. I know that was a mutual feeling seeing Raven’s reaction whenever he was around, or whenever we returned.

When I found myself in a position to adopt a hound I remember Siobhan jokingly asking if I fancied taking Raven. Why not? I asked. This wasn’t a hard decision for me as I knew I could give Raven a good home and knew I had the right location for him and could get him settled. For anyone who remembers Raven as a reactive hound, or who wondered if he would ever find a home, you only need look at his recent photos  to see how chilled, settled and comfortable he is now.

Mostly, he was anxious around other dogs. He didn’t have an easy time as a racing hound and it’s taken time and patience from myself and my dog owner neighbours. Month by month he settled into home life, became steadily used to other dogs and all the new experiences a home has to offer – stairs and hoovers included. I try to take him on days out when I can and he’s travelled as far as the Lake District recently. He makes friends wherever he goes with his bright and friendly nature. He still has the occasional moment when another dog makes him anxious by bounding over unleashed. But he’s made good friends with other dogs too (including his girlfriend Betty, the cocker spaniel).

I’m absolutely delighted to have given Raven his forever home. He’s a much loved hound and I can’t imagine life without him now. He’s nine years old in November and settling very comfortably into his retirement. It’s well deserved.’


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