Well, we knew this day was coming but it was something we were desperately trying to avoid.

Today we have to let you know that, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, kennels will be CLOSED and we will not be able to receive any visitors. We are asking all volunteers NOT to visit kennels.

We have been lucky to find some emergency foster homes for some of our hounds and send our thanks to those who have stepped forward to care for them. However, there are currently 11 hounds remaining in kennels but you can be assured that Heather and Siobhan will do their very best to take care of them. We have stocks of food and supplies on site and hope to regularly post on social media to keep in touch with you all.

Our Trustees and Admin team send our very grateful thanks to everyone who has been so very kind to the rescue in these difficult times. We hope you are all keeping well and taking all recommended precautions.

*We will get through this Team Makants.*



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