NINA is homed!

Adopted Makants hound JOJO has some important news to draw to your attention! He now has an adopted ‘sister’ – NINA!
Jojo, along with his humans Ian and Angela, volunteered for us earlier this year on a street collection in Farnworth. Having seen how much Jojo enjoyed being with the other greyhounds Ian and Angela wondered if they should start to find him a ‘sister’.
Fast forward a few months and at the weekend they added to their family and made it official. NINA has settled well and is bringing out Jojo’s protective side, while she is showing him how to be playful. Angela says NINA can be a ‘firecracker’ at times but that her and Jojo enjoy being together and bring out the best in each other.
We wish them all every happiness for their future together.
photo credit: Jo Maxwell

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