Each year during the first week of June we love to celebrate National Volunteers’ Week, and this year is no different in that respect. This week we will be throwing the spotlight on a few of our volunteers and sharing their volunteering story. Volunteers are more than important to us at Makants – they are essential – as the rescue simply wouldn’t exist without them. While we can’t have any volunteers at kennels at the moment we will certainly be looking for more to join our team in the future.


Angela: ‘I started volunteering for Makants in August 2017. I had been unwell, and I wanted something to help me to recuperate and I’d always wanted to home a greyhound but didn’t think it possible due to work. Joining the walking rota seemed like a good compromise as I got to spend time with the hounds and the walking and fresh air helped my recovery. Soon my partner Ian was joining me on walks too and later that year we started to foster our first hound, Thomas, who brought much joy into our lives until he sadly passed away last November.

Ian and I have continued to be involved with the rescue and regularly walk the hounds (until lockdown came along). I have also joined the Makants crafters group and enjoy contributing baked goods to be sold at local fundraising events. I have also been pleased to help out with the fundraising team and Ian and I have been able to participate in a couple of these events prior to the lockdown. I’ve found I really enjoy volunteering for Makants because I believe it is a very worthwhile cause and I like to support a local rescue. It also is a chance to promote the work of the rescue (through events) and it also allows us to highlight how beautiful these greyhounds are and promote interest in their wellbeing – even better if we meet people who are interested in homing one too! Talkng of homing we happily now have another ex Makants hound living with us- Jojo – and we couldn’t be happier.

In a nutshell, I joined as a volunteer to support a local cause and for the exercise but I have gained so much more in return. I have great admiration for Siobhan who set up the rescue and for all the hardworking volunteers who give their time willingly. I have met many people who share a passion for greyhound welfare and I truly feel like I have joined a family. Thank you to Makants!’


Angela and Ian are on the left of this photo of walkers earlier this year.
*Please note our kennels remain closed to visitors and volunteers for the time being*

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