*NATIONAL POETRY DAY*  7th October 2021

Greyhounds Grow on you by Fiona Hughes
People asks us ‘is it true that greyhounds really grow on you?’
We reply give one a home and you will see
It will very soon turn into two or three
They only need a small space to rest their head
A comfy couch or a spot on your bed
From humble beginnings most have come
Their new life just provides so much fun.
To watch them flourish is a joy to witness
They take in their new world as you go about your business
When you see things through a Greyhound’s eyes
Simple things are just a magical surprise
Scents and sights never smelt nor seen
Everyday places all other dogs have been
Open fields, the beach, the sea
Living the best life that there can be
They give their all for nothing in return
From this majestic breed we have a lot to learn
They are a pet that is like no other
So the rest is history … you will soon be adopting another!
With thanks to Trustee Fiona for the above poem which was originally written for our show garden entry at the Chorley Flower Show this year.
photo credit: Kennel hound HARRY by Shilpa Grewal

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