The mission of National Dog Day is a day to celebrate all dogs and bring to the attention of the general public the numbers of dogs that need to be rescued each year. Today we are pleased to share the adoption story of one of our long stay hounds – ROBBIE.
Stunning white and tan greyhound ROBBIE came into our care in August 2018 and soon settled in. He was found to be such a friendly boy who was quite happy to chill in his kennel but unfortunately also was quite reactive to other breeds of dog when out on his walks.
Being such a friendly boy he soon became a firm favourite of our regular walking volunteers, one of whom fell in love with him and took him into their home for weekend stays. Robbie soon moved in with them and, being such an intelligent dog, they began training him with him soon mastering many commands. Unfortunately, the young child in the home began to suffer from ill health and when investigated it was found to be an allergy to dogs.
Very sadly Robbie was returned to kennels early 2020 and waited patiently for his second chance. During this time he even gave blood for the Pet Blood Bank when they visited kennels.
His forever home happened quite by chance! One day in October 2020 Kevin (soon to be Robbie’s Dad) collected a raffle prize at kennels and spent time chatting with our shop volunteer. Having had previous experience with reactive dogs he immediately expressed an interest in Robbie but, due to lockdown, was uncertain whether homings were still taking place. You know what’s coming next …. we’re pleased to say that by November 2020 Robbie was in his forever home!
Regular updates from Kevin show that he is very settled in the house and has now mastered the stairs. Kevin says to him he’s just the ‘perfect lad’, although he’s still working to help him with his reactivity outside the home but says that Robbie has made great improvements already.
This summer Robbie and Kevin have even volunteered at local fundraising events doing several ‘meet and greets’ and Robbie continues to give blood. Robbie, with his good looks, is even modelling collars for our kennels shop and is always a very popular visitor at kennels whenever he calls.
photo credits Sue Costello, Jo Maxwell, Kevin Holden

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