Today, 23rd October is ‘National Dog Adoption Day’. We’d like to share the story of a special adopted Makants hound – PHOENIX.
Phoenix came into our care on the 9th June this year and it immediately became apparent that she had sustained an injury to her right wrist. After consulting with Alan Mayo at Nantwich Vets it was confirmed that she needed surgery.
The necessary arrangements were made and we also issued an appeal to our supporters for funds for her operation, not something we usually do. In no time at all, thanks to our supporters’ generosity, the cost of her operation was raised and she was booked in for surgery.
Phoenix underwent her surgery on the 22nd July and the next day returned to convalesce in Siobhan’s front room. Several weeks of recovery followed, with her prospective owners, who had already had their home check, visiting her weekly. In the mean time Phoenix was, of course, receiving plenty of TLC from Siobhan.
On the 12th September Phoenix left kennels for her forever home and on 26th September she was officially adopted. We’re pleased to say PHOENIX is now settled with Sally and Andy in Baguley, and being so settled they tell us her cheeky side has started to come out! She has also become something of a local celebrity receiving a lot of fuss and cuddles from the neighbours each time she goes out.
We wish Sally, Andy and Phoenix every happiness for their future together.
photo credit: Jo Maxwell

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