Mickey and Derry are two adopted Makants hounds who live with Helen and Andrew. We asked Helen a couple of questions about her hounds and greyhounds in particular:
Why should anyone adopt a greyhound?
Greyhounds are the most wonderful pets. Very loving yet very laid back and as long as they have a nice sofa, food and cuddles they are completely content and happy. Warning though, they are extremely addictive and after living with one there is no turning back!!
What makes greyhounds special?
Mickey and Derry often attend our fundraisers and love to work the crowds showing them just what laid back and friendly dogs greyhounds are. Here they are in action at the recent Avant Garden centre fundraiser. They didn’t mind at all about the bunny ears and took it all in their stride!
You can find our homing requirements and details on the greyhounds looking for homes on our website: www.makants.uk
photo credit Jo Maxwell

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