Laura and Barry and family live with Makants hound VELMA, who was adopted last month.
We asked them a couple of questions about VELMA and greyhounds in particular:
Why should anyone adopt a greyhound?
After researching the breed we thought they would suit our family with two young children – and after the home check by Makants we were even more certain this breed was for us. Turns out it was the best decision we ever made!
What makes greyhounds special:
Velma has made our house her home. She’s settled in so well and absolutely adores the kids – it’s the highlight of her day when they get back from school! She’s laid back, chilled and equally she’s a sassy, playful madam when she wants to be. Adopt a greyhound cause once you do, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!
You can find our homing requirements and details on the greyhounds currently looking for homes on our website: www.makants.uk

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