Angela lives with adopted Makants hound Ted who she adopted earlier this year. We asked her a couple of questions about Ted and greyhounds in particular:
Why should anyone adopt a greyhound?
They are a pretty perfect house guest. Greyhounds can pack themselves up into a small comfy space as well as lounge on the whole sofa! They are happy with a couple of 30 minute walks each day maybe followed by ‘zoomies’ in the garden, followed by LOTS of sleep. It’s so rewarding helping them experience everything that their new life has to offer and seeing their personality come out.
What makes Greyhounds special?
They have so much love to give. Greyhounds love to lean on you at any opportunity and for an ex elite athlete they are so lazy which surprises many people. Our lovely Ted is so affectionate, nosey and comical. He’s a master of the waving paw for attention along with an impressive array of facial expressions.
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