We’d like to share an update with you as it’s been 6 weeks now since we had to close the gates to visitors and volunteers.
As you know some of our kennel hounds were able to find foster homes around the time of the lockdown and all have blossomed with wonderful care and attention. We’ve already had one foster fail (Zeus who now lives with Sue and Oliver permanently) and let us say there may be more on the horizon too ….. be sure to keep watching our facebook feed!

Back in kennels the hounds – Patrick, Alfie, Charlie, Chuck and Robbie – did find the change in routine unsettling at first and struggled as they couldn’t understand why the volunteers weren’t coming in to walk them. Obviously they were used to seeing Heather and Siobhan every day but were very much in a routine and it took about three weeks to get used to the change.
However, the great weather we had in April was a wonderful bonus and all the hounds enjoyed spending time outside catching the rays. Once he got used to the changes Pat blossomed and enjoyed all the peace and quiet, being able to relax in the paddock and even began to play with toys! And of course he has been receiving cooked sausages but probably not as many as usual.

One benefit of lockdown was that Siobhan was able to spend time with some of the more reactive dogs working on their behaviour when out on walks. We also think the sun went to her head as she washed every dog coat and generally gave all kennels a good Spring clean.
There was fun with the twopointsix’ challenge last weekend with the kennel hounds sharing 26.2 sausages between them, polishing them off in record time! Siobhan’s husband Geoff kindly undertook a sponsored head shave letting Siobhan loose with the clippers too, all raising money for the rescue. Thanks Geoff for being a good sport, sorry she used the dog clippers though!
(These videos can still be seen on Makants Tik Tok if you missed them)

At this point we don’t know when we will be able to reopen and when we do we will have to think very carefully about how to go about it. Life for all of us is not going to be the same as it was before lockdown. Please watch our social media channels for any future announcements.

We send our thanks to you all of you for your support, your donations, your cards, messages, and for being such wonderful supporters and volunteers. It means the world to us to have such loyal people supporting our rescue. Love to you all.

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