Lottie’s first ‘gotcha’ day

Lovely adopted Makants hound LOTTIE celebrated her first ‘gotcha’ day last week.
Marzena and Jan tell us: ‘Lottie took a little while to settle in but soon turned out to be a demanding princess, while still being super sweet and loving her cuddles. She absolutely loves her food – anything from meat, to fruit and everything in between!
LOTTIE absolutely loves going in the car, so we were able to do quite a few trips with her, including a longer road trip in Europe, and she was great there! She’s visited beaches in Scotland and Wales now, and she really enjoys being on a beach.
LOTTIE is sharing her life with foster hound KING at the moment and for her gotcha day treat, LOTTIE and KING had a steak dinner, both hounds were certainly very excited and seemed to enjoy it. It’s been a wonderful addition to our life having LOTTIE’.

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