JULY spotlight on the boys in kennels

‘BRING ON THE BOYS’ – by Fiona Hughes
Us kennels Boys would like you all to know
We are saddened that the pretty girls just arrive, then go
Everyone thinks they are small and cute
We might be bigger than them we can’t dispute
The majority of us consider we have served our time
Though life at Makants is quite divine
We want the chance of our forever home
A human to love us and call us their own,
Jo tries her utmost to promote our graces
Our shiny coats and handsome faces
We pose for the camera and give it our all
Hoping to be chosen and receive that call.
So, we appeal to you all to consider us guys
We are soft and gentle with soulful eyes
And something we think you should also know …
……That the cute girls become divas once they step through your door!
photo shows DARRAGH
Details on all hounds waiting for homes can be found on our website www.makants.uk

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