Recently we were saddened to hear the news that Makants supporter and dog lover Mark Berryman had passed away. Mark had adopted Minty from us in October last year and tragically they only enjoyed a very short time together.
Mark, who spent several years living in Australia, shared his life with several special dogs over the years – Sailor, Maisie, Yogi and of course Minty.
Mark was such a greyhound lover that the Australian side of his family are donating to an Australian greyhound rescue.
Here at Makants we are so grateful to have received several donations from Mark’s friends and also from the funeral collection too. We thank you all for your kindness and for thinking of us at such a sad time.
Minty will continue to be cared for by Mark’s brother Andrew and has been providing some much needed comfort for the family. Andrew tells us Minty is ‘full of fun, loves his walks, meeting people, spaghetti and sardines, although not necessarily in that order’.
photo shows MINTY prior to his adoption
photo credit Sue Sewell

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