– That’s the heart breaking reason we’ve been given when no less than FOUR of our greyhounds were returned to kennels recently after spending short periods of time, in what we hoped was their forever home. The dogs were blameless, their prospective adopters had just decided that they weren’t ready for a dog.
That’s after much hard work had been put into each dog enabling them to make a smooth transition from their former lives as racing greyhounds to a much loved family pet. Hard work put in by our team of VOLUNTEERS – home checkers, daily dog walkers, admin. volunteers, kennel helpers, fundraisers – in fact everyone on our team that truly believe these dogs deserve more, so much more.
Please BEFORE you apply to adopt one of our hounds ensure that EVERY ONE in the household is on board with having a dog in their life. Know that dogs will change your life, you will always have to put their needs in front of your own. A lot of time and effort will be required on your part when you do adopt a dog. Be honest. Ask to come along and walk the greyhounds to get used to the breed, do your research, ask around, speak to other greyhound owners.
But most of all don’t let our dogs down, they don’t deserve it.
photo credit Shilpa Grewal

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