We’ve some great homing new to share with you and this time it’s FERN!
Sadly this fabulous girl was returned to us at the end of last year due to her owners home circumstances. While at kennels FERN represented the rescue when fundraising at a local Pets at Home store and was a superstar. She also wasted no time in finding herself a forever home!
We’re pleased to say she is now living in the Kearsley area with Cheryl, Matt and their Makants hound Darragh. Cheryl tells us: ‘Fern is such a sweetheart and an absolute angel inside the house and outside, she is so well behaved. She has just slotted in with our routine so well it’s been really easy. Fern and Darragh are getting closer and even lie on the sofa or the same bed together, sometimes using each other as pillows! She’s certainly made herself at home and we are so happy Siobhan thought she would be a good match for my big softie Darragh. She’s perfect in every way!’
We send love and many congratulations to Fern and her forever family. 😍
photos Cheryl, Siobhan Hoppley
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