Today we have some wonderful homing news to share – and this time it’s WOLFIE!
This lovely quiet lad arrived with us in September last year. We allowed him to get used to us in his own time, and he slowly settled in. His personality also gradually started to come through and he started to trust our volunteers – and had his giddy playful moments too!
Now this lucky boy has a fantastic forever home! Now named COLE, he will live with Sharon and her Dad and canine companion Roxy in the Biddulph area.
Having been on home trial for two weeks already Sharon tells us that COLE is certainly settling in. He is showing a mischevious side having recently inspected the post and shredded it for Sharon – before she’d even read it! COLE is bonding well with hound companion Roxy, following her lead as he gains in confidence, and we don’t feel it will be long until they are up to mischief together!
We send our thanks to our volunteers who cared so well for Cole during his stay with us and we send our warm congratulations to his new family.🥰
photos Cole’s family

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