Homing news!

We’ve more homing news to share today and this time it’s MURPHY!
Shy boy MURPHY has been in foster with volunteer Marie who has now joined the ‘failed fosterers club’ and adopted this lovely lad. Along with Marie ,Murphy will also live with hound Blue in the Ramsbottom area.
Marie tells us:
‘Murphy melts my heart. Everyday this little nervous boy gets a tiny bit braver when out in the world,. I think the woods are his favourite place to walk as he and his big brother love a good sniff about.
At home he’s a fun little character. I never stop smiling at his antics: his running and prancing about (usually when he’s stolen my socks), playing with his caterpillar, rolling about all silly on his back in bed, or his constant sliding off the sofa. He seems so happy and I love seeing that tail wagging really high in the air.’
We send our love and Congratulations to Marie, Blue and Murphy!
photos Marie Coulton

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