We’ve got some homing news to share and this time it’s BLUE now known as DALLAS. DALLAS will be living in Chorley with Makants volunteers Alex and Shaun and canine friend Lily.
Alex says: about two and a half years ago we came to walk the greyhounds, and got hooked right away. We knew from the start we would end up adopting one, it was just a question of time. When DALLAS came along I knew it was time as I couldn’t let this lovely 7-year old lad stay in kennels. When he’d met our dog Lily, and got on with her from the start, the deal was sealed there and then. He likes to follow Lily everywhere, and will not be without her.
In the last few weeks that DALLAS has been with us he has come out of his shell, he obviously feels settled now as he loves nothing more than a good ‘roach’ on the sofa. He’s even showed he has a mischievous side as we found out when he chewed up his lead and rain coat – but maybe he was just trying to tell us he doesn’t like rainy walks!’
We wish the whole family every happiness for their future together.
photo: Dallas’s family

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