We’ve news of another homing to share with you today and this time it’s TWIRL!
TWIRL (now known as PHOEBE) arrived with us in February and wasted no time finding herself a lovely home with Chris and Natalie in the Warrington area – and believe it or not she’s already had a lovely holiday with them in Anglesey!
PHOEBE is Chris and Natalie’s first greyhound, with their previous dog being a much smaller dog – a Pomeranian. They spent time researching what type and temperament of dog would suit their lifestyle, and they came up with a greyhound. They’re happy to report that PHOEBE is ‘lazier than we are’!
PHOEBE is also described as a ‘cheeky’ and ‘sassy’ girl who just loves having a fuss. She also loves all visitors to the home and is a bit of a collector with a baguette left on the side nearly finding its way to her bed!
We send our congratulations and best wishes for the future to PHOEBE and her forever family.
photo credits Jo Maxwell, Phoebe’s family

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