*HARRY* In the spotlight

HARRY joined us in November 2019 and was able to spend several weeks during the initial lockdown in a local foster home with Makants volunteer Celine. Since returning to kennels, and through having more exposure to other breeds, HARRY has made great progress with his behaviour. He has successfully met larger breeds of dog but can still be reactive on occasions.
Harry is a loving lad who is so well behaved in the house and he has a soft spot for the children he has met. He is sensitive and gentle and his favourite past time in the summer during lockdown was sunbathing on Celine’s lawn. He is not a morning hound though and prefers to start each day with a lie in!
Harry does have an endearing ‘chatter’ too. When he is loving having some fuss, he shows it by chattering his teeth….it’s a greyhound thing!
Harry so wants his forever home.
Information regarding our homing requirements and an application form can be found on our website www.makants.uk
photo credits  Celine Tang

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