Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines poem

by Fiona Hughes

Something melted in my heart the day I saw your face

Nervously looking at me from the Rescues Facebook page

I read the things about you and what they had to say.

Your little face stayed in my thoughts for the remainder of the day.


They said you still had to learn your name

To get you to love me was my ultimate aim

It’s true what they say, those who know the breed best

You have an oversized heart in your big deep chest.


When I finally got to meet you, you were timid and shy

Sitting in your kennel as the world passed you by

As I sat beside you and told you that you now were free

You snuggled that bit closer and put your paw upon my knee


When the day came to take you home this is what I said

‘This is your home now my precious hound’ as I gently stroked your head.

We make the best match you were meant to be mine

You are my forever my Valentine



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