Happy Birthday to the ‘Makants 9’ pups

Wishing the ‘Makants 9 pups’ a very Happy Birthday! They are three years old today.
For those who don’t know their story the pups, plus their Mum Janet, came into our care in May 2018 when the pups were four weeks old. The ‘needle nosed land sharks’ thrived on the care and attention they received in kennels and soon found loving homes. You can look back at photos on their very own facebook page, Makants Homegrown Hounds.
This family photograph was taken in October 2018 with the pups plus their Mum  and Dad. It’s hard to believe the pups are just 6 months old in this photo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Arthur, Betty, Bob, Eric, Esme, Jessie, Loki, Mabel and Bertie.

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