Great news for KING!

We’ve some fantastic news to share today. Older hound KING, currently living with with foster carers Jan, Marzena and hound Lottie is staying there permanently as a long term foster hound.
King arrived with Jan and Marzena in November last year and, having spent all his life in kennels, found everything utterly bewildering at first.
Jan says: ‘when he arrived we felt sorry for King, and we just wanted to give him some comforts as a pet, comforts he’d been deprived of for so long. Over time he started ‘chattering’ with excitement before meals and began roaching all the time on the sofa. He then started to play in the garden, well it was similar to skipping like a Shetland pony than running!
He enjoyed the sniffs that accompany every new walk and both King and Lottie enjoyed car rides and going on walks to new places, every such occasion was greeted with such excitement and joy. King now has a confident spring in his step, and a shiny dark coat.
The sweet, inquisitive boy not only became more comfortable in our house, he definitely found a way into our hearts. King has truly found his castle and made us so happy doing that.’
We wish the whole family every happiness for their future together.

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