Today, 14th November, marks the first ‘gotcha’ day for stunning friendly boy Robbie.
Robbie was with us in kennels for two years before finding his forever home with Kevin, a home which came about by chance as Kevin only originally visited kennels to collect an auction prize!
Kevin tells us that Robbie is a ‘cracking lad to have around’ and that his favourite things to do are sleep, play, sleep, eat and sleep! Robbie’s reactivity has lessened so much that he is now comfortable walking with small terriers and puppies. Robbie loves to be out and about and has been an ambassador for the rescue attending local fundraising events, he’s been on the Great Global Greyhound Walk and regular gives blood at the Pet Blood Bank.
We wish Robbie a very happy ‘gotcha’ day and know he will be spoilt rotten, exactly as it should be!
photos Kevin Holden

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