Shy boy WOLFIE arrived with us on the 27th September last year. WOLFIE arrived a very timid lad and we have let him settle in at his own pace without any pressure.
This lovely lad has gained in confidence over the months he has been with us and will now happily accept treats from volunteers. Her is still a little wary of our male volunteers but when he feels comfortable he can be very affectionate – and can often show his playful side too.
Wolfie really likes other dogs and enjoys his daily walk with the other greyhounds. He loves to sniff but can sometimes become a little overwhelmed and freeze but just needs gentle encouragement to get him going again.
We feel it’s time to start looking for a home for Wolfie. We are looking for a quiet, adult home for him with another female hound for company. Anyone interested in adopting him will need to be patient and willing to help Wolfie settle into home life, giving him time and space to do so.
Our homing requirements, along with an application form, can be found on our website
photo credit Shilpa Grewal

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