Stunning brindle and white four year old kennel hound Robbie has been in our care since the summer of 2018.

Robbie has recently successfully spent some weeks in a family home but sadly has been returned to us due to family illness. During his time in a home Robbie showed he is an intelligent dog as he successfully became house trained and learned several commands such as to ‘wait’ for his food.

Robbie settled well in the home, was able to be left during the day and enjoyed the company of children and obviously we are keen to have Robbie back in a home environment once again.

Robbie is a very friendly lad but is reactive towards other breeds of dog, this is his only downfall. However, he is a quick learner – and having mastered many commands while living in a home – we feel that with consistent training with an experienced owner his behaviour would soon improve.

In the home Robbie is very much a couch potato. He would probably live with a female hound or would be equally as happy on his own. If you would like to find out more about any of our greyhounds please contact either Sue our re-homing co-ordinator on 07794463249 or Siobhan at kennels on 07960561988. Alternatively you can complete our short homing questionnaire on our website which can be found under the ‘adopt/foster’ tab.

photo credits: Celine Tang

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