Lovely lad TY arrived with us on the 5th February. He quickly settled in, and soon showed us what a very friendly lad he is as he just loves people! (adults).
TY is a big lad with the longest legs we’ve ever seen on a greyhound. On walks he can be a bit giddy and he’s also very nosy! He is now known as the ‘long legged leaner’ as he homes in for a ‘lean’ at every opportunity he gets. TY is also described as a ‘happy boy’ by our volunteers and as ‘one of the sweetest dogs ever’ by Siobhan. He seems to have no problem charming our female volunteers 😍
TY is ready for his forever home, we are looking for someone with greyhound experience for him and believe TY would prefer a home without children. Details of our homing procedure, and our homing requirements, can be found on our website
photo credits Shilpa Grewal

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