Today, in the run up to Christmas, we’re sharing the Christmas poem written by our Fundraising Trustee, Fiona.
Today is a special day for me
I’m off the tracks, I’m a dog, I’m free
I will no longer have to fear any harm
I’m going to a rescue that’s on a farm
I’m told my bed will be soft and snug
And the humans there give the greatest hugs
This rescue is one of the best they say
We get to go on a lovely long walk everyday
Life so far has not been fun
When you’re born a dog that’s made to run
I’ve prayed to God every day
Please send a loving home my way
Today I heard the human say
That Siobhan and Shilpa know I’m on my way
I’m very excited but scared just the same
I’m going to get lots of toys and be given a name
I will be the best dog that I can be
So they will find a home that’s just right for me
So thank you to God up above
For my Christmas wish of ‘Makants Magic Love’.
Merry Christmas
Fiona Hughes
photo  kennel hound Winnie, credit Shilpa Grewal

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