Well what a wonderful, if a little soggy, first day we had at the Chorley Flower Show!
Our volunteers were at the show nice and early to ensure the garden had survived overnight – which it had! We enjoyed visits from Makants greyhounds Kate, Derek and Falcon, Tom, Mickey, Derry, Mabel and Nancy. All impeccably behaved and spreading the word about what wonderful pets greyhounds make. The weather was a bit hit and miss and we did get soaked on more than one occasion!
However, we did get to meet Mr. Mayor, councillor Holgate, who enjoyed meeting Kate and who we found out is a dog lover too.
Thanks to everyone who came to chat and all those who brought their greyhounds along. There’s still two more days of the show so we hope to see you all soon.
*P.S. We found out the judging is to take place tomorrow morning so we will let you know the outcome.*
photo credits Jo Maxwell, Fiona Hughes, Wendy Draper

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