We start today with more homing news and this time it’s…..Bullet!

During lockdown young lad Bullet was able to go into a home with local foster carer Natalie. Earlier this year Natalie had sadly lost her adopted Makants hound King and suggested fostering for us. She also mentioned she was in a position to offer a hound a permanent home if all went well.

Well, Bullet certainly wasted no time, worked his magic and has now bagged himself a great home!

Natalie says Bullet has settled in really well to life in the Worsley/Walkden area and that he’s been enjoying play time in a local secure field along with numerous walks and playing fetch! She also says he is an extremely affectionate boy loving to share kisses.

Welcome to the failed fosterers club Natalie, and best wishes to you and Bullet for your future together.


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