*Adopted Makants hound FRANCE* *GOTCHA DAY*

Thanks to Ell for an update on FRANCE (with those amazing ears) on his first ‘gotcha’ day.
She tells us: ‘It has been an honour to give France the opportunity to learn that life is safe, life can be happy and fun and that we can take all the time in the world to make his life better, more fulfilling and exciting.
He has come leaps and bounds with his reactivity and all the hard work has been so totally worth it and I would do it five times over. He is such a character and proceeds to show us that numerous times a day. He has taught me that they never stop trying, loving and trusting those around them. 😘
He has also learnt what it’s like being spoilt rotten by two adults in their mid to late 20’s !!
Thank you to Makants for making this possible for us and so many other families.
France will be off to spend his ‘gotcha’ day with all his houndie pals and a trip to the beach is in order!
photo credit: Ell

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