With the dark nights drawing in and Bonfire Night approaching we feel we need to remind all Makants greyhound owners about safety.
As a rescue we advise that you don’t walk your greyhound in the dark if at all possible. If this is not possible, due to work commitments etc, a morning walk is the best option as there are reduced chances of fireworks being let off at that time. Greyhounds can easily cope with reduced walks at this time of year.
Recently a Makants hound, whilst on home trial, sustained an accident and has since passed away. Sadly, the hound concerned lost her life through error and we certainly don’t wish any other families to have to go through such a traumatic event.
We also need to stress to you all the importance of keeping a tight hold of the lead at all times when walking your greyhound and for harnesses to be fitted correctly.
You really cannot be too cautious, your safety and that of your dog are priority.
Please note: we also advise that all greyhounds either on home trial, in foster or adopted from us must NEVER be walked using a retractable lead as these are totally unsuitable for greyhounds. There have been many instances of serious injury caused during their use.
Thanks for your co-operation.
The Trustees
Makants Greyhound Rescue

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