We’re very proud of adopted Makants hound HENRY (was Harry) who recently took part in a Liverpool University research study. The purpose of the study was to compare movement from a greyhound having had surgery (flexor tenotomy) against a greyhound who hasn’t had the surgery.
Henry’s owners Jan and Marzena tell us:
‘Henry had been plagued with corns and underwent surgery in 2023 and he has been pain free and very active since, without any corn reoccurrence.
The data gathering included walking between two cameras set up with multiple weight measuring panels on the way, where Henry had to walk over or stop. Subsequently, Henry had a number of stick-on sensors put on him to track the movement in a much more detailed way and was encouraged to walk around the lab area with his movements being recorded.
Finally, Henry was recorded walking between two cameras outside, set up in a straight line with him walking between them.
While he was a bit anxious initially, he was a super good boy, and an absolute star over the course of the data collection, being calm, responsive and relaxed.
Overall it was a very rewarding experience for us to be able to do it and hopefully research like that will be beneficial to well being of greyhounds in the future.
Given how much of a positive impact the surgery had for him, we were very happy to give back a bit this way!
If anyone would be interested in participating in the study, the research team is still looking for greyhounds which suffer with corns now and are about to have the surgery, so they can follow them pre and post the surgery. Just leave a message for us in the comments’.
Jan and Marzena
Henry’s owners

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