We start the week the very best way – with homing news – and this time it’s MIDGE!
MIDGE arrived with us in April and wasted no time finding herself a home with Vikki, Dan and Jimi in the Bury area. They tell us that MIDGE ‘has settled in well and found the settee on her first day! She has an extensive shoe collection and is quite a cheese connoisseur. MIDGE is getting the hang of playing with a ball and loves her morning ‘zoomies’ around the garden too’.
It appears that her favourite family member is Jimi, probably as she enjoys cleaning up after him at mealtimes. 😁
The family are kindly holding a fundraiser for us in their local pub on the August Bank Holiday weekend, details to follow.
We send our many congratulations to MIDGE and her forever family.❤
photo Jo Maxwell

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