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*Disclaimer *As a condition of volunteering for Makants Greyhound Rescue as a dog walker you should understand that there is the potential for risks and dangers that may not be obvious or reasonably foreseeable at this time. You should only undertake voluntary duties at your own risk and should not do so if you have any medical ailments, physical limitations, or mental disabilities that will affect your ability to participate in dog walking. Makants Greyhound Rescue NW, a registered charity, undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for volunteers’ personal safety or well being when participating in dog walking*

Walks take place from our kennels every day of the year. Walks are from 10 am and take place in the morning only.  Our kennels are at Makants Farm, Mort Lane, Tyldesley. M29 8PF. Please note: We are only able to consider applicants with experience of caring for and walking large dogs.

Due to insurance purposes we are not able to allow anyone under the age of 16 to be in charge of a greyhound.  (However, consideration is given to children under the age of 16 being allowed to walk, but only as part of the rehoming process and by prior arrangement).

Anyone interested in joining our walking volunteers should have previous large rescue dog or greyhound experience and apply by application form on our website. Our Volunteers – Makants Greyhound Rescue N.W

They will then be contacted and invited to kennels for an informal chat. If applicants wish to join us they can be admitted to a closed facebook group where the walking rota is posted for the following week.

Can we please ask that, if you confirm you are coming along to walk, that you kindly let us know if you are subsequently NOT able to make that commitment. You can message the facebook page, e mail admin@makants.uk or telephone/message Siobhan on 07960561988.

* Please note we do not allow you to bring your own dogs to walk along with the greyhounds. We must also point out (as mentioned in the following guidelines) that the greyhounds in our kennels are not yet pets, we are helping them transition.  We therefore need our volunteers to be vigilant and to give each greyhound individual attention on walks.

Thank you.

Dog walking guidelines:

In order to ensure that every human and hound stays safe on our dog walks there are a few guidelines which all volunteers must adhere to:

All volunteers must:

Sign in the blue register book with their name and contact ‘phone number before undertaking a walk.

Ensure they are fit and healthy enough to be able to walk for 1.5 hours at a steady pace over rough terrain (muddy fields, streams, bridges) as well as on suburban footpaths (past heavy traffic) in what can sometimes be challenging weather conditions.
Ensure they wear correct footwear suiting the conditions, i.e. sturdy walking shoes/walking boots/wellington boots. Note: under no circumstances can open sandals, flip flops etc be seen as acceptable footwear.

Ensure clothing is appropriate to walking in current weather conditions, i.e. waterproof jackets, hats, gloves etc.
Have a firm grasp of the lead AT ALL TIMES  and should ensure their whole hand is put through the lead(s) and held tightly. Under no circumstances is the lead to be held any other way as this would make it easy for a dog to escape the volunteers grasp.
If, at any time, walkers feel they are unable to manage walking their dog they must raise this issue with the most experienced volunteer on the walk immediately.

Dogs are to be walked in groups of no more than 6 due to insurance purposes.

If muzzles have been fitted prior to leaving kennels these MUST remain in place until the dog is returned to kennels.
If you have ANY concerns at all please speak to Siobhan before leaving kennels.

We must point out that the majority of these dogs have very recently retired from racing, having lived in kennels all their life. They have led a very sheltered existence where they have become accustomed to a routine. Now, in our unfamiliar kennels, their routine is about to change as they are given new experiences which will help prepare them for their future as a pet. They will be unfamiliar with other breeds of dog and may be reactive towards them. All walkers must therefore ensure they are vigilant while on walks and remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

Greyhounds may also become overly distressed by what we would consider ‘every day’ situations. Please remember they are not yet pets. We are helping them transition to a household pet and this takes time and patience. Your input is vital in order that they may become well socialised animals ready for adoption. At the end of the walk any feedback on the behaviour of the dog walked would be appreciated and this is best recorded in the blue files in each kennel block.  This helps Siobhan to make up a picture of the personality of the dog and will assist in a pre-homing assessment.

The hounds really look forward to their daily walks and we are so grateful to everyone who willingly gives their time to walk the greyhounds. Please enjoy your walk and thank you!

Makants Greyhound Rescue is based at:

Makants Farm, Mort Lane, Tyldesley, M29 8PF

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