Update on rehomings 25.5.20

We start the week with an update on rehomings.

We are pleased to announce that, after much discussion, our Trustees have decided to restart the homing procedure to enable SELECT homings to take place. However, we MUST adhere to Government guidelines, therefore:

*We are now ONLY able to consider homings for those people who have already had a home check undertaken by our rescue (pre lockdown) or have had a home check in the past prior to adopting one of our greyhounds*
*Have had and passed a homecheck in the past undertaken by a greyhound rescue that we are able to contact and verify with*

As time goes on we will be able to expand our criteria for homings but for the time being this is how we will have to operate. If you have already submitted a homing form and fall into the criteria listed above we will be in touch with you, there is no need to submit another application.
If you fall into the criteria above but have not yet submitted the homing form it can be found here along with our homing requirements:


Also, we are mindful that we have several dogs in foster care who have made tremendous progress over the past few weeks and who would continue to thrive in a forever home rather than be returned to kennels. These hounds will now be our priority for homing. We will be featuring their profiles on our social media channels this week, please help us help them find their forever homes by sharing their details. Thank you for your support.



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