Last month we were deeply saddened to hear that eight year old adopted Makants hound Albie had sadly passed away, having suffered with osteosarcoma. His owner Elizabeth, a great supporter of our rescue, felt that she would like to share some memories with you all.
Albie was in kennels for just under a year and during that time had many people taking care of him. He was memorable for his stunning good looks, and the fact that he just loved people! He even spent time away from kennels with foster carers and got to experience time spent on a boat.

Once adopted Albie had a knack of ‘pinching’ toys when on fundraising duties at Pets at Home and we wouldn’t like to say who disgraced themselves ‘christening’ a Makants tablecloth at a fundraiser too!

During his life Albie was a clumsy dog and both him and Elizabeth spent a fair amount of time at the vets – which unusually turned out to be his favourite place! Albie could also be a stubborn boy, Elizabeth remembers many stand offs on street corners trying to persuade him to go the way SHE wanted! Always a curious dog Albie was afraid of missing out, loved to inspect any shopping bags and took his neighbourhood watch duties very seriously indeed.

Albie went home with Elizabeth on 27th November 2016 as a reactive dog, he was simply frightened of other dogs. With love and time he absolutely blossomed in Elizabeth’s care enjoying the company of other dogs and making friendships with them too. Elizabeth describes Albie as her ‘soul mate’ and knows they were lucky to have found each other.

Elizabeth would especially like to thank Siobhan for trusting her and allowing her to make memories with this wonderful hound.

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