‘Gotcha Day’ happiness!

Today (3rd July) is a special day, it’s Makants hound Pheby’s first ‘Gotcha Day’! For those of you who aren’t aware of her history here’s a little recap:
….On a cold night back in February (16th) 2019 Pheby, or Fire as she was previously known, landed at Heathrow airport having travelled all the way from Macau. Pheby was one of over 500 greyhounds who were homed all over the world on the closure of the notorious Canidrome in Macau.Pheby had been very sheltered from the world, spending her days in a single concrete cell with no interaction or stimulation and obviously took some time to get used to the outside world.
However, Pheby soon learnt to play with toys and had to adjust to rather cooler temperatures too! She was given plenty of TLC and time, having sleepovers with trusted volunteers while we looked for a special someone to adopt her. Her confidence slowly improved and a few months later she went to volunteer Julia’s home for a ‘fostering holiday’ where she stole Julia’s heart and was adopted shortly afterwards. 🙂
Now fast forward a year, Julia has a little update:
Julia says: ‘When Pheby first arrived she was quite withdrawn and scared but over the months she slowly found her confidence and learnt to play with toys and with other dogs. She welcomed foster hound Taylor over lockdown and had some great fun with him. ‘Thank you Pheby for coming into my life and teaching me so much. I love you so much my special girl’.
We’d like to once again thank everyone involved in bringing these wonderful dogs to freedom.
photo credit: Julia Mitchell

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