New arrival, kennel hound NADIA, was lucky to enjoy a lovely day out earlier this week courtesy of our regular volunteers Julian and Justine. Even though it was a cloudy day they made the most of their time together and this lucky lady got to walk all around Rivington for four hours with them. The walk was followed by a snack at the Lower Barn café where Nadia had some treats and a rest (and some tasty bits of sandwich too we’re told!)

The whole experience was beneficial for Nadia as currently she can be a little excited when she sees other breeds of dog and has been to known to let out an excited squeal! This process of transition, with exposure to the wider world, is so important and these new experiences will help Nadia as she prepares to become a treasured pet.

After the walk Nadia travelled well in the car and snoozed all the way back to kennels, she certainly enjoyed her day out. Many thanks to Julian and Justine for taking her out. Julian sums up their trip with a Wallace and Grommit quote saying they certainly had a ‘grand day out’!

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