Foster hound HARRY is looking for his forever home

Sweet boy HARRY joined us in November last year and has been able to spend several weeks in a local foster home with Makants volunteer Celine.

Initially Harry experienced separation anxiety and careful work by Celine ensured this lessened as each day progressed and Harry became more relaxed when on his own. He has progressed to feeling relaxed and confident spending the majority of the day on his own downstairs in her property and also spending night times on his own. However, it is difficult to give a true indication of his anxiety as Celine has been based at home for the majority of lockdown.

Celine has been working on Harry’s walking etiquette while he has been living with her. Progress has been made and he has successfully met larger breeds of dog on regular occasions. He can still be reactive when he sees other dogs though, particularly smaller breeds.

Harry is a loving lad and has a soft spot for the children he has met. He is sensitive and gentle and his favourite past time has been sunbathing on Celine’s lawn. He is not a morning hound though and prefers to start each day with a lie in!

We are looking for someone who would be around for the majority of the day and who could help Harry with any separation issues. A prospective adopter would need to work with Harry on his behaviour too.


*We are now ONLY able to consider homings for those people who have already had a home check undertaken by our rescue (pre lockdown) or have had a home check in the past prior to adopting one of our greyhounds*
*Have had and passed a homecheck in the past undertaken by a greyhound rescue that we are able to contact and verify with*
undertaken by a greyhound rescue that we are able

If you feel you can meet Harry’s needs and meet our current lockdown homing criteria you can contact either Sue our re-homing co-ordinator on 07794463249 or Siobhan at kennels on 07960561988 for further information.If you meet the above criteria but have not submitted a homing enquiry the form can be found here:



photo credits: C. Tang

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